Our Mission​

MonetDB Solutions was established in 2013 by the core developers of MonetDB with a clear aim to extend the product's functionality by delivering continuous innovation within enterprise settings.

Project Gallery

MonetDB has been developed in the context of numerous science projects, pushing the technology envelope even further with public funding resulting in a free open-source solution.

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Science Library

MonetDB is the foundation technology around which many research papers have been built. The sample presented in this science library is a good way to start.

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MonetDB Contributors

MonetDB is a mature open-source ecosystem with a hassle-free license and worldwide outreach. Currently utilized in areas such as business analytics, science, telecoms, and healthcare.

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MonetDB History

In 1993 we embarked upon a pioneering course to change the way database systems were developed. We created a new pathway in the big data landscape - one that continues to lead our customers to new worlds of opportunity and prosperity.

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Columnar Storage

Our column store technology excels in a number of areas. It is fast for (embedded) data analytics and in-memory performance; exploits modern hardware; is versatile and extensible.

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