A great way to secure direct access to the MonetDB core team

when you need it most

If an organisation deploys MonetDB code in a commercial offering or back-office application environment, a Service Level Agreement will ensure quick and private access to our services​.

How does it work?

MonetDB Solutions provides technical support services for the complete MonetDB software suite. These include:

  • Problem resolution support
    To help restore service and assist with general product usage topics, such as installation, configuration and upgrades.

  • Engineering support
    Includes bug fixes, hot patches and topics that require communication with the product engineering team.

  • Consultative support
    Covers issues specific to a customer's deployment, such as performance tuning and best practice advice.

Each designated customer technical contact receives a JIRA portal login that can be used to report JIRA support tickets, to monitor ongoing tickets or to review their history.

See MonetDB technical support policies for the complete description of the scope and policies of this service. See here for the service conditions.

What does it cost?

For further information and an offer, please contact us.