In-memory optimised columnar RDBMS for all your data analytical tasks

as a separate server or embedded in your applications

New product versions

The roadmap for the MonetDB software suite is driven by end-user needs, software issues encountered, while its architectural innovations are driven by science.​

Products and their upgrades come in several flavours. For MonetDB we aim for two major releases per year, which include new features visible to our end-users and internal changes to keep the software on a par with the competition. For commercial users, we can prepare pre-release installers on demand.

How it works:

  • After a  feature release has been shipped, we collect bug fixes and performance improvements into service-packs. Minor releases are typically issued every other month unless the patches are security-related and require speedy dissemination.

  • During the intra-major-release period, we develop new components, refactor old ones, or embark on new deployment targets. These are all large projects whose release date can not always be predicted in advance. A new version is simply being brewed to perfection before being released to the public.

  • After a few months, we reach the antechamber of a new feature release. There is an intense period to fix any remaining bugs, ensuring backwards compatibility and avoiding performance degradations.

What to expect:

  • MonetDB/e
    The MonetDB embedded solution for data analytics. It carries a small footprint and brings the performance of a modern server-based system to the edge-of-the-cloud.​ MonetDBe seamlessly integrates with Python and C. The release is scheduled for autumn 2020.

  • MonetDB-in-the-cloud
    MonetDB AMIs in the AWS marketplace for more users to experience MonetDB's fully functional and performance powers without too much hassle. To be expected in autumn 2020.

  • ClaudeDB
    Our Database-as-a-Service solution for data analytics and data warehouse management in the cloud with a price/performance satisfaction never experienced before.