Enhance MonetDB with new features and in-depth consultancy

A Turnkey project enhances MonetDB with new features and provides intensive, in-depth consultancy services from the MonetDB team experts along with a clearly defined timeline.

How does it work?

Together with the customer, we define the contents, timeline and deliverables of a turnkey or proof-of-concept project whose scope includes (but is not limited to):​

  • Architectural review
    Advice on the deployment of MonetDB for Business Intelligence, Service-Oriented Architecture integration, cloud infrastructures, etc.

  • Proof-of-Concept (POC)
    Advice on or development of a MonetDB based solution to assess and demonstrate its feasibility for the envisioned service or product.

  • Performance assessment
    In-depth analysis using MonetDB’s profiling tools to uncover performance bottlenecks in MonetDB and its interaction with applications.

  • Substitution and migration
    Assessment of the viability of MonetDB to address common enterprise data analytics scenarios. Helps clients to decide whether and how existing systems should be migrated in whole or in part to an open-source stack, or sustained as-is.

  • Feature enhancement
    Extend MonetDB with desired features within a predefined time period to satisfy the needs of customers' applications.


What does it cost?

See here for service conditions. For further information and an offer, please contact us.