Does MonetDB Solutions offer per-incident technical support?

Yes, please see our Prepaid Hours service.

Does MonetDB support include data recovery services?

We will do our test to help under the scope of the problem resolution support but cannot guarantee data recovery. It may be possible to recover some or all of your data in certain circumstances, and we may provide suggestions where possible, however, you must maintain regular, valid backups of your data.

Does "Emergency Response Time" in a service refer to emergency resolution time?

No. Emergency response time is the maximum time before a support engineer is assigned to a newly reported Severity 1 issue and fully engaged in working towards resolving it. The actual time required for issue resolution will vary. For more information about how emergencies are handled, please see MonetDB technical support policies.

If I am an OEM or ISV, can I use my annual support contract to resolve problems for my end users?

Please ​contact info@monetdbsolutions.com​.

Do you offer support to clients who use pre-GA software (alpha, beta, RC) in production?

In principle, we do not offer such support and we do not recommend using pre-GA software in production environments. However, we may offer support on a case-by-case basis at our discretion. Issues involving pre-GA software are not eligible for S1 severity classification.

Do I need to make a technical contact available 24x7 for S1 issues?

Preferably yes, as we may need additional information from a technical contact in order to make progress toward issue resolution. Note that our office hours are related to CET.

Do you support your products in virtual and cloud environments such as VMWare, Amazon EC2?

Yes. However, we do not support issues caused by and specific to those environments, nor do we support the virtual or cloud environments themselves.