MonetDB and R sandbox for VirtualBox

We have been working on simplifying the deployment of MonetDB. Therefore, we have created a set of virtual images for popular platforms. The first one, called MonetDB Analytical Database with R, is made available now as a VitualBox appliance.

The appliance has both the R-Integration module enabled and the MonetDB.R connector pre-configured. This means that users can both write R UDFs in the SQL layer of MonetDB and have direct access to the data stored in a MonetDB database from R statistical software. This appliance is meant to be used as a sandbox. It allows you to try the capabilities of MonetDB and R together, with zero configuration.

To the Cloud and beyond

Work on improved public cloud integration for MonetDB is already underway. In the near future the MonetDB Analytical Database with R will be available directly on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This integration will allow for single-click deployment of MonetDB on the cloud, ready for analysing your data.

We have more solutions in the works, including additional platforms, high-availability and extended cluster deployment support. Stay tuned to be the first to know when these are out.

Custom solutions

If you are looking to build a custom deployment with MonetDB, contact us for assistance.