Monetdb Release on Azure Marketplace

Today, we announce the release of the open-source analytical database server MonetDB on the Azure marketplace.

We provide a free Azure image with the latest MonetDB release. You start it with your preferred Azure instance and you’re ready to go.

The MonetDB image has the full power of a MonetDB server on-premises users have enjoyed since 2004 to address their analytical problems, including:

  • common SQL features such as keys, joins, views, triggers, stored procedures
  • user authentications and data access control
  • SQL:2003 merge statements
  • SQL:2011 window functions
  • full-fledged ACID properties for concurrent transactions
  • in-database analytics through SQL UDFs in Python, R and C/C++
  • high scale-up performance for OLAP and HTAP workload
  • scale-out using distributed queries
  • and more…

This Azure marketplace product will be regularly updated with future MonetDB releases.

Following the release of MonetDB on the AWS marketplace, Azure is the second cloud platform on which the database server is freely available. MonetDB will soon be available on more cloud platforms, such as Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform.

Join MonetDB on Azure to take your businesses into the MonetDB Cloud for performance, flexibility and user-satisfaction.