Monetdb Released on Aws Marketplace

Do you want to have a ready to use MonetDB database within minutes? Now you can.

The MonetDB software is also available on the AWS marketplace. We provide a free AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with the latest MonetDB release. You start it with your prefered AWS instance and you’re ready to go.

The MonetDB AMI provides the full power of a MonetDB server on-premises users have enjoyed since 2004 to address their analytical problems, including:

  • common SQL features such as keys, joins, views, triggers, stored procedures

  • user authentications and data access control


  • SQL:2003 merge statements

  • SQL:2011 window functions

  • full-fledged ACID properties for concurrent transactions

  • in-database analytics through SQL UDFs in Python, R and C/C++

  • high scale-up performance for OLAP and HTAP workload

  • scale-out using distributed queries

  • and more…

“We keep it updated; you get the best performance and functionality for your database jobs!”

No more losing time in finding the suitable hardware and installing the necessary software. No more losing money on too much hardware or losing performance on too little. With the MonetDB AMI, you can get your database up and running within minutes. When your workload grows or shrinks, you simply restart your database on a larger or smaller AWS instance. You can scale out to multiple MonetDB instances with just several lines of script code, provided you are using the remote merge table functionality offered by MonetDB SQL.

The AMI released is the launching pad into the Cloud. The next release, called Cumulus, is in the making and will additionally provide the essential web front-end to manage the database, monitor query performance, and run queries like you would expect from a command line interface. Cumulus 0.2 is expected later in 2022.

“A small step in the cloud, a giant leap towards Serverless Revolutions”, this is only our first deployment of MonetDB products in the cloud. Partnered with one of the world’s largest SaaS providers, we embarked on a multi-year expedition towards a serverless Green Data WareHouse platform to assist businesses of any size to manage their data analytics workflow. Stay tuned for more MonetDB releases on Azure and other cloud providers in 2022.

Join MonetDB on AWS to take your businesses into the MonetDB Cloud for performance, flexibility and user-satisfaction.