MonetDB Solutions and Numascale team up to enter the In-Memory Big Data Analytics

MonetDB Solutions and the Norwegian appliance company Numascale have joined forces to develop database appliances that enable companies and organizations to perform easier and more affordable big data analytics.

The NumaQ MonetDB appliances require zero setup effort and easily scale up to help customers make smarter decisions faster. The new appliances are expected to be available in Q2/2015.

To fully exploit the hardware capabilities of NumaQ, the scalable ccNUMA appliance of Numascale, MonetDB Solutions will extend its open-source column-based database management system MonetDB with optimisation techniques. “The NumaQ machine with its abundance of main memory is a perfect match for MonetDB,” says Martin Kersten, co-Founder and CEO of MonetDB Solutions. “MonetDB is designed for high-performance analytical workloads. The system is fine-tuned to exploit the large main memories of modern computer systems effectively and has proven to be highly efficient in data warehouse query processing.”

NumaQ can easily scale to thousands of cores and terabytes of memory for data-intensive. “Our NumaQ team has been working with MonetDB Solutions since last year. We’ve seen supremely promising performance of MonetDB for analytical workloads,” says Morten Toverud, CEO of Numascale. “We are confident that the collaboration with MonetDB Solutions will enable Numascale introducing alternatives to the in-memory data analytics market, which are highly competitive in both price and performance.”

The NumaQ system ships as an in-memory-based analytics solution, available with >8TB main memory and >128 CPU cores, and comes pre-installed and integrated with MonetDB and the popular R statistical programming environment. The tight integration of both components leads to seamless interaction and convenient programming experience. It comes with both the open source R and Revolution Analytics’ R Open and Revolution R Enterprise software. 

Since its establishment in 2013, customers of MonetDB Solutions have been using the open-source products of the company, the MonetDB database management system for data warehouses and the MonetDB/R integrations for statistical data analysis. With the NumaQ MonetDB appliances, MonetDB Solutions expects to further broaden its opportunities in the Big Data analytics market. MonetDB Solutions has customers in Europe, the United States and Asia.

About MonetDB Solutions

MonetDB Solutions, a spin-off company of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), is the technical consulting company for the open-source column-based database system MonetDB, specialised in database technologies for Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. In MonetDB Solutions world-leading database researchers and engineers support software companies in developing leading edge applications addressing vertical markets, such as telecom, health care and education. For more information, visit

About Numascale

With offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA, Numascale’s groundbreaking NumaConnect interconnect technology is the backbone for the most scalable server computer systems. NumaConnect allows high-volume manufactured server boards to be used as building blocks for systems with features that are only found in high-end enterprise servers. NumaConnect includes full support for virtualisation of processing, memory, and I/O resources, and can be used with standard operating systems. Numascale is supported by: Statoil, ProVenture, Investinor, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway, and Eurostars. For more information, visit