MonetDB Solutions appoints Niels Nes as CTO

MonetDB Solutions announced today that it has named dr. Niels Nes as Chief Technology Officer, moving from his previous roles as senior database researcher and head of ITF department at CWI to boost the company’s technological growth.

Nes, a recognised pioneer in column-store technology, has been a co-founder and technical advisor of MonetDB Solutions since the inception. For more than 20 years, he is one of the driving forces behind the open-source database system MonetDB, the company’s core product. Previous to MonetDB Solutions, Nes has co-founded VectorWise, another high performance columnar database system which was acquired by Actian in 2012. Nes holds a PhD. in computer science from the University of Amsterdam.

“It has been an amazing experience to establish MonetDB Solutions, and watch MonetDB transform from an academic product into industrial-grade product increasingly deployed by large enterprise customers,” said Niels Nes, newly-named CTO and co-founder of MonetDB Solutions. “I’m also thrilled to move into my new role in a team of top database engineers with whom I have worked many years. This step will allow me to focus my energy on expanding the product, and working closely with world’s most challenging business analytics applications.”