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Prepaid Hours

Instant diagnosis, emergency patch or performance assessment

What is Prepaid Hours?

MonetDB Solutions primarily consults on the use, glitches, features, and performance of the MonetDB software suite, leaving consultancy on the application stack to local service providers. It is often the start of a beneficial long term relationship turning MonetDB into a valued component of your business.

How does it work?

  • See MonetDB technical support policies for the scope of this service.

  • A pre-paid ticketing system to reach out to our experts quickly using JIRA.

  • On-demand phone and video consultation.

  • A non-binding contract. 

What does it cost?

The pre-paid price is €269.00 - per hour (excl. VAT). The service starts within 3 business days of MonetDB Solutions receiving payment.

By purchasing a Prepaid Hour service, you automatically agree to our Prepaid Hour service conditions. If a quote or invoice is needed, please contact us.

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