MonetDB cloud interface documentation

How to secure your MonetDB cloud interface​

There are multiple ways to configure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and enable HTTPS connections. This guide will describe the process of configuring a Load Balancer with an SSL certificate on AWS.

1. Prerequisites​

  • You need to ensure that the MonetDB Cloud Interface EC2 instance is running.
  • The Security Group’s Inbound Rules should be configured to allow connections for HTTP and HTTPS.
  • You own an SSL/TLS certificate

2. Create a Target Group

  • On the EC2 page, on the left, under the Load Balancing tab, select the “Target Groups” and then “Create target Group”.
  • Choose “Instances” at the target type
  • Fill in the Target group name
  • Protocol should be “HTTP” and Port “80”
  • Choose the VPC of your EC2 instance and click next (this can be found on the “Instances” page, under Networking VPC ID)
  • Under available instances choose the MonetDB Cloud Interface EC2 and select “Include as pending below” and then to the bottom “Create target group”

3. Load Balancer

  • On the left under the Load Balancing tab this time select the “Load Balancers” and then “Create Load Balancer”
  • Select “Application Load Balancer”
  • Choose an appropriate name for the Load Balancer
  • Scheme should be “Internet-facing” and IP address type “IPv4”
  • Under “Network mapping“ choose once again the VPC of your EC2 instance. Make sure that at least the Availability Zone of the running instance is selected under “Mappings”.
  • Choose the same security group of the instance or create a new one. It should accept connections from HTTPS.
  • At “Listeners and routing” choose HTTPS and “Port” 443 along with the target group we created at paragraph 1.
  • For “Security policy read the “Compare security policies” and choose accordingly
  • Finally Import to Certificate Manager (ACM) your SSL/TLS certificate or select an existing one and click “Create load balancer”.

Now you can start using MonetDB Cloud Interface with your domain or the DNS name of the Load Balancer.