MonetDB Server

Make the difference with MonetDB server

​How does it work?​

When your database grows into millions of records spread over many tables and business intelligence/ science becomes the prevalent application domain, a column-store database management system is called for. Unlike traditional row-stores, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, a column-store provides a modern and scalable solution without calling for substantial hardware investments.

What to expect?​

MonetDB makes a difference, with pioneering column-store data base systems, enabling high-performance data warehouses in business intelligence and machine learning since 1993. It achieves it's goal by innovating across all layers of a DBMS, e.g. a storage model based on vertical fragmentation; a modern CPU-tuned query execution architecture; automatic and adaptive indices; run-time query optimization, and modular software architecture. It is based on the SQL 2003 standard with full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers and stored procedures. It is fully ACID compliant and supports a rich spectrum of programming interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python, RoR, C/C++, Perl).

What does it cost?

MonetDB is free. It is an integral part of the MonetDB software suite and is distributed for free under its liberal MPL2.0 license.

For support, we refer to Stackoverflow for community help and our service offerings for business support.

Not sure what to do?

Google for videos and papers on MonetDB. Or schedule a meeting with our specialists to find the solution that best fits your needs.

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