"Science began to be powerful when it began to be cumulative, 

when observers began to preserve detailed records..."

MonetDB has evolved within science, its funding structures and international cooperation. Our collaborations are too many to list, but here are just a few of the EU-funded projects that provided a sound basis for the current release of MonetDB and allowed us to continue to support and work with the community.

VesselAI is a collaborative project aiming to develope, validate and demonstrate a unique framework to unlock the potential of extreme-scale data and advanced HPC, AI and Digital Twin technologies to promote the adoption and application of big data-driven innovations and solutions in the maritime industry and beyond.

ACTiCLOUD focussed on developing a novel cloud architecture to break the existing scale-up and share-nothing barriers and enable the holistic management of resources targeting drastically improved utilisation and scalability of resources

FashionBrain aimed to combine data from different sources to support different fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media and providing personalised recommendations and advanced fashion item search to customers.

ExaNeSt was a collaboration aimed at developing and prototyping solutions for interconnection networks, storage and cooling, all of which need to evolve in order for the production of exascale-level supercomputers to become feasible.

CoherentPaaS focussed on providing a full ACID coherent environment integrating NoSQL, SQL and CEP data management technologies while allowing application developers to program using a simple and powerful programming model and query language.