Continuous QA

Continuous QA is a pre-paid, lightweight service offered by MonetDB Solutions. It aims at providing automatic and continuous functional and performance assessment to ensure a smooth migration/upgrade path on a designated operating system platform.

With this service, MonetDB developers are continuously confronted with clients’ use-cases in their innovation cycles. Incomplete features are more easily detected and rectified before they reach the community. This avoids spending valuable resources for post-release problem fixing. The Continuous QA service ensures that the upgrades covered by the test system can be applied safely to the production system. Hence, the client can closely follow the upgrade path of MonetDB to immediately benefit from any improvement in the software suite with just minimal effort.

How it works:

  1. Together with the client we isolate a subset, snapshot, or mock-up of your database schema and instance. This is cast into scripts to populate a realistic database test environment.
  2. Again, together with the client, we extract a representative sample of query patterns that captures the repetitive workload of your application suite. Likewise, we select a representative query/update workload on your system.
  3. At MonetDB Solutions premises we create a virtual machine after your environment setting and install the MonetDB version line(s) to be monitored, create the database instances, and ensure the query/update workload is working properly.
  4. A test-environment akin to the one used for MonetDB itself is setup (See example). It can be augmented with a more detailed look at the performance using the tomograph tool (See example), which aids in pinpointing possible performance bottlenecks and/or hardware/OS issues. Access to the client’s version of the QA web site is IP protected.
  5. The testing is run in sink with the developments of MonetDB on a nightly/weekly basis. By default, the test is tightly linked to the MonetDB release cycle. Thus, it will be automatically rolled forward to a new release (be it a hot-fix or feature releases).
  6. Upon request of the client, her QA database and query load can be modified once a month to cover changes in the production setting.
  7. During the final stage of a MonetDB hot-fix or feature release period, a detailed analysis is made of the client’s test system to identify any show stopper, e.g. significant performance reduction, or malfunctioning. Show stoppers affect the release cycle directly and become high-priority fixes for the MonetDB core team.
  8. A QA change log report is produced with each release to identify deviances and mitigation steps if applicable and discussed with the client, e.g., in email or (Skype) call.
  9. It is up to the client to plan and enact the update on his production systems.

Pricing Scheme:

A new Continuous QA contract requires a one-time additional fee for the preparation of the testing system, which is to be specified in the service contract depending on the size of the testing system.

For the repeated QA monitoring, the following options are offered with a minimum of 6-month period (excl. VAT/sales taxes):

System Volume DB footprint Query Workload Price (per month)
Small ≤ 5 GB

≤ 30 min


≤ 20 GB

≤ 1 hour


≤ 100 GB

≤ 8 hour €500.
Any non-standard options Price on request

The Continuous QA Service Conditions Agreement applies on all Continuous QA services. For further information and an offer, please contact us.

DISCLAIMER: the Continuous QA service does not include any development of MonetDB enhancements, hot-fixes, software migrations, or any other time consuming activities. Those are best arranged as Turnkey Projects.