To help customers getting the most value out of MonetDB, MonetDB Solutions offers tailered training services. Our consultants will provide you with the skills you need to accelerate the delivery of your project and maximise MonetDB capabilities.

MonetDB courses can be delivered on your premises or in the easy to reach HQ of MonetDB Solutions in Amsterdam. Most of our courses are hosted in a classroom style. We can also offer tailor-made courses on specific topics.

The courses are designed for technical experts who will be involved in customising MonetDB. To ensure that they get the best from our courses, we ask our trainees to have basic knowledge in database systems, SQL and popular programming languages, such as Java, C, Python, PHP.

Course 1: MonetDB Introduction

In this course you will learn how to get started with using MonetDB in your application. You will understand the basics of column-based database systems, and learn how to install and run a MonetDB server and client; how to load and query your data; how to backup and restore your database; and how to interact with the database server through common standard interface protocols, such as JDBC and ODBC. SQuirreL SQL, an open-source universal Java SQL Client program, will be used as the front-end interface to browser the databases.

Target audience: application developers

Pre-requisites: 3rd generation programming language such as Java, basic knowledge of database and SQL

Duration: 3 days

Learning objectives: upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up a MonetDB database
    • Install MonetDB on one of the supported distribution
    • Using the MonetDB daemon to create, start and stop a database
    • Basic configurations of a MonetDB server
  • Interact with a MonetDB server
    • Set up connection to a MonetDB server in SQuirreL SQL
    • Create database schema, load data and browsing the database
    • Execute analytical and updating queries
    • Backup and restore a database
  • Using MonetDB from within application
    • Set up connection to a MonetDB server in Java, Python, PHP, etc
    • Access the database through JDBC, ODBC, etc
    • Understand the optimistic transaction management

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