Accelerate your Business Intelligence platform

MonetDB is an eminently cost-effective database for interactive reportingdata analysis and visualisation. MonetDB is designed to execute business intelligence tasks swiftly and gives the analysts access to reports faster. It empowers end-users to drill down into millions, or even billions of data records in just seconds. 

To boost data analytics, visualisation and reporting, MonetDB is built to work with a number of popular BI tools.

  • Tableau gives analysts and data scientists with great reporting and data visualisation capabilities. Data exploration and analysis is made easy with the intuitive interface. Result are always delivered quickly as Tableau supports connection to MonetDB via our ODBC driver.
  • The Pentaho Business Analytics suite empowers users with a comprehensive platform for Business Intelligence and Data Integration. It helps data engineers stream-process and load data from any source with the Pentaho Data Integration ETL toolset. In combination with Pentaho Interactive Reporting and Dashboard Designer you can accelerate project delivery and mitigate risk. The Pentaho suite ships with built-in driver for MonetDB in addition to components for fast bulk data loading directly from your ETL stream.

These are just a few, as MonetDB ships with the industry standard ODBC and JDBC drivers, making it easy to connect to most ETL and BI tools. Next to connectors to most programming frameworks, MonetDB provides a deep integration with the statistical system R, giving data scientists access to powerful statistical analysis algorithms directly in our analytical database.