In-Database Machine Learning: a seamless integration of MonetDB and TensorFlow

Submitted by zhang on Mon, 2018-04-10 23:59

We are presenting MonetDB/Tensorflow, our new in-database machine learning integration through SQL Python UDFs, at the 34th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE2018) and the 11th Extremely Large Database Conference (XLDB2018).


MonetDB Solutions helps building ExaNeSt platform

Submitted by zhang on Tue, 2016-02-05 15:59

In a new EU project MonetDB Solutions helps to showcase the future generation ExaNeSt platform, which consists of up to 10 million of low-cost and low-energy ARM processors. MonetDB Solutions will evaluate the platform with extremely compute-intensive big data analytics applications. The full prototype is expected in 2018.  



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