Scale-up before you scale-out.

- Martin Kersten

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Server Instance

The MonetDB open-source repository for your analytical database server. Ready to download and run on your machine.

Cloud Instance

MonetDB instances in the Cloud marketplace for more users to experience our fully functional performance powers without too much hassle.

Embedded Instance

The MonetDB embedded solution for data analytics. It carries a small footprint and brings the performance of a modern server-based system to the edge-of-the-cloud.

Exceeding Expectations

In-memory RDBMS

Hassle-free and compliant to the SQL standard. MonetDB increases your hardware capabilities to solve your data analytics tasks in novel ways that will exceed your customers expectations.


Out of the box 10-100x improvement over competitors open (and closed) source relational database systems. An elegant solution without cumbersome knob juggling.

Open Source

An active team of developers with a strong business attitude towards delivering easily maintained software, quality assurance, regression testing, with portability to a multitude of platforms.


Continually striving for improvement in this best-of-breed technology for data analytics, in-database machine learning, and blending OLTP and OLAP in a state-of-the-art HTAP solution.

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